Seduce a Toyota Aygo

Seduce the new Toyota Aygo

Territorio Creativo
Bronze in the Festival Inspirational 2015 for better use of Social Media

Website for explaining the competition held at the launch of the new Toyota Aygo. The contest was to seduce and win a Toyota Aygo using WhatsApp. The website should collect the explanations of the campaign, the features of the car, the prize, tips for flirting, a ranking of the most seductive users and an area to know the personal position in the ranking.

15 days of campaign, +13.000 unique users in the microsite, + 3.300 users interacting via WhatsApp, + de 89.400 WhatsApp messages, + 8.800 multimedia files generated by users, + 9.000 interacciones sociales, +35% share of voice

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